Have you always dreamed of writing a children's book that your kids would love and adore?

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If you have thought about it before, now is the time to get started!

Writing a children's picture book is an extremely rewarding process as you can play a part in shaping young lives.

But if you always seem to get stuck at the ideation phase, wondering which idea is best and how to develop your story. I have just the solution for you.

Hi, my name is Serene. I self-published my first book Mommy, Mommy, Where Is The Moon? earlier this year, and it is currently a best seller and ranks #1 in the category Children's Bedtime and Dream eBooks.

It was a painful process trying to get everything right, and I wanted to share my experiences with other first-time authors.

When I started writing my book, I ended up having to rewrite it many times as I had no clue about how to structure it. I was confused and felt alone in my struggles.

As part of my learning, I created a workbook with 3 Easy Children's Picture Book Templates to help guide you through the thought process of what kind of children's story you would like to write.

Is it going to be about an adventure to a magical land? Or a book that tackles difficult issues like death and divorce? What kind of children's picture books did you wish you had growing up?

If you're a first-time author who's looking to write a children's story, but you don't know where to start, then this workbook is for you.

At just $17, it's a real steal. So don't delay. Click the Buy Now button below and start your journey to becoming a published author today!

What You Will Get

  • 3 easy children's story templates to help you get started quickly and easily with a video walkthrough
  • 70 story hooks and prompts to jumpstart your creativity
  • [Bonus] A character planning template
  • [Bonus] A typical 32-page layout for your children’s picture book


Besides the story templates, I have included 70 story hooks and prompts for you to warm up and start writing.

A lot of times, the beginning of a picture book is the most important part. It is how you hook the reader and keep them engaged.

Find out the 6 ways to hook a reader, and practice writing a children's story with these 70 story openers and writing prompts.

Of course, there's more!

I have also included 2 bonus templates, that will be extremely helpful, as you think about characters and how you want to structure your children's picture book.

  • Character Planning Template
  • Layout of a 32-page Picture Book

Purchase the workbook today and get started on your children's author journey!