Learn the Surprisingly Easy Way to become a Children’s Picture Book Author 

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Have you ever dreamed of writing a children's book that your kids would adore and love? Imagine walking into a store and your child pointing out a book mommy wrote!

We can teach our children many life lessons through stories. And these stories are unique to your experiences growing up. 

As an only child, I recall growing up always feeling alone. My parents worked long hours, and I didn’t feel I could share my problems with them. At the back of my mind, I constantly felt the need to meet their expectations. I was also highly conscious of what other people thought of me.

I wished there was a book when I was growing up, telling me that it was ok. It was ok to lead my own life, and whatever I felt at that time was not the end of the world. 

It was only in my 30s and after becoming a Mom that I was finally at peace with myself. 

This got me started on writing 2 years ago. I wrote my first book Mommy, Mommy, Where Is The Moon? on how my daughter and I spend time every night looking for the moon together. This activity helped to improve my relationship with her, and we share a deep bond now. 

Think about that for a minute. 

What are some stories that you wished were told when you were growing up?

  • A story about being bullied and overcoming these challenges
  • Falling into depression and seeking help for it 
  • Having trouble fitting in 

Before you jump in, I would also like to be honest about the children's book market.

The truth is the children's book market is oversaturated. There are hundreds of thousands of children's books published every year. And most of these books will have the same fate – being only read by your editor, illustrator, and a handful of friends. 

Ok, I know what you’re thinking, then why should you even try?

Publishing children's picture books let you shape young lives. It also gives you a voice to be heard, and allows connections to be made and communities to be built! It will always fulfill your dream of being an author and seeing your name in print.

I realized the impact of this while working on my second children’s book and devised an easy framework for you to develop your stories into a children’s picture book. 

Learn my 6-step process that will allow you to: 

  • Step 1: [PLAN] Come up with suitable ideas for your children's picture book
  • Step 2: [WRITE] Outline your story idea and start writing
  • Step 3: [EDIT] Get your story critiqued and edited
  • Step 4: [ILLUSTRATE] Find the perfect illustrator for your book and get them on board with your vision 
  • Step 5: [PUBLISH] Learn the step-by-step process of self-publishing to Amazon KDP and Ingramsparks
  • Step 6: [MARKET] Discover the secrets to marketing your children's book

And much, much more!

Of course, you will soon realize that becoming an author is more than writing. It also means having a marketing funnel, where you think about promoting and marketing your children's book.

This may sound uncomfortable to you as it did to me, but it's a necessary process of sharing your book with others 😊.

To get on board, get started with Step 1 and 2 with my course on generating story ideas and start writing your children's picture book with my workbook on the 3 story templates.



Have you always wanted to publish a book of your own?

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And once you have your ideas, we'll move on to the next steps of self-publishing.
If you're a first-time author who's looking to write a children's story, but you don't know where to start, then this workbook is for you.

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